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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coffee, Donut, And A Good Book

The internet was down this morning when I got up. I'm not sure what the problem was, but it was definitely a problem. Everything on our end was working, so it must have been some maintenance they were doing. It's back finally. It seems to happen quite frequently though and that does not make me happy.

What does make me happy is a nice icy cold banana pudding smoothie with a little cocoa thrown in. That's what I had yesterday. It was really good. It reminds me of my double chocolate banana muffins, which are really good with coffee.

My smoothie stayed with me for quite a while, but when I finally got hungry again, I knew exactly what I'd be having. I had what was left of my strawberry mandarin spinach salad. I love this salad and I wanted to get it eaten before it wilted too much. I added more Texas Pete to the dressing. I like it spicy. It was delicious. It's a shame that the salad is gone and I still have some of the dressing. I'll have to think of something else to have it with.

I spent the afternoon upgrading my computer and reading some in the latest book I've started (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo). I'm about half way through and its started to get more interesting. I hadn't gotten to where I really felt the need to keep reading until now. It was a lot easier to put down before. Now I have to remind myself I have other things to do.

I had a cup of half decaf/ half regular coffee with an apple cinnamon donut while I read. I do miss my great big cups of coffee. This was just enough to make me wish I could have more. The donut was very good with coffee, dipping was required.

 This is how my desktop looks now that I've upgraded. No, this is not Windows. It's Ubuntu 11.04 (Linux). I now have a cool bar on the side for my most used programs. I do miss my weather thing on the top bar, but I'll try to find something cool to replace it. Now if the internet will just keep working, I'm good to go. BTW my next upgrade with be a full install instead. I think I'll be letting Lucas do that one though, since I have both Window and Linux on this computer. I let the guru handle my complicated stuff.

For dinner I figured I should eat my leftover green beans, so I also had one of the leftover stuffed mushrooms with macaroni and cheese to go with them. It all went well together.

I indulged in a little chocolate afterwards. A Russell Stover dark chocolate & raspberry cream candy. I'm usually not a big raspberry fan, other than fresh berries, but this was pretty good.

The cream was purple, I expected a pinker color.
Now if you were looking for the pound cake, I will probably snag a piece of it today sometime, so check out tomorrow's post for pics. I'll be burning some calories this evening. You know it's Zumba day for me. Happy Tuesday!!

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