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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Michelina's Stuffed Cheese Rigatoni Review

I can't believe the sun is out this morning. I heard rain before getting up and the forecast is calling for rain all day. I always sleep better when it rains, not sure why. It's also cool in the house this morning or it fills that way.

I love my smoothies, but I'm not sure I will be craving them once the weather gets cooler. I'm sort of cold natured, sitting with a throw on the couch and/or a thin jacket. Which reminds me, I haven't worn pants all summer. I hope I'll be able to get back in them once things cool off. Well anyway, for now, I'm still sucking down cool sweet smoothies and I have to worry about the pants later. Yesterday's smoothie was a banana pudding smoothie with peanut butter and cinnamon. It's really just a banana smoothie. I'm out of vanilla wafers right now and I usually leave them out when I add peanut butter.

On to lunch. Lunch was light and yummy. I had the last of my roasted vegetable grain salad with some added spinach again. It was just so good that way, I decided to repeat it.

Dessert was a slice of leftover birthday cake. Cake and fruit are the best, especially strawberries and whippy icing.

For dinner I had stuffed cheese rigatoni (Michelina's) with leftover green beans. I've tried several of their meals, usually not too bad. The rigatoni tasted pretty good. The pasta was a little under done for my taste, sort of chewy. It also could have used more cheese, but that's also a personal preference. The sauce was a little peppery, not that I mind, but some might and it's a good thing to know, especially if you're making this for kids or you detest spicy food of any kind. I like these because they are pretty cheap at just 99cent each and for the most part, they are not too bad. I think with the rigatoni, that cooking just a little longer than the recommended time will solve the problem. I've included the nutritional facts below.
I love the one serving per package. Just fix your sides and your ready to go.

I will buy this one more time to see if cooking solves the problem.

After dinner the evening was rather boring. Nothing on tv, the rain or something was screwing up my internet, slowing it to a crawl, and so I was able to get to bed early with a little reading before hand. I'm working on a mystery, love those. The current being "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson. I also have the movie in my Netflix instant watch queue, that I'm thinking of watching after I read the book. Have you seen the movie and/or read the book? Any good mysteries to recommend? Happy Tuesday! Oh yeah, today is my Zumba day! Can't wait.

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