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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Plenty Of Fruits And Veggies

I've already managed to get sidetracked again this morning, but I've made it back to what I'm suppose to be doing. ADD sucks. No, I've not been diagnosed, but I'm pretty sure that's what it is. When I was growing up people didn't have ADD. They were scatter brained, but either way it's not helpful.

Back to business. I will tell you what was on yesterday's menu. First up, for breakfast, I had a peach smoothie. Yeah, peaches from a can, because I really hate peeling those little buggers. I do love eating them however.

Do to my lack of sleep, I was craving a little pick me up, so I had a cup of peach mango green tea after breakfast. I see another one in my future today. I've found that getting to bed later also effects the quality as well as the quantity of sleep I get. Even with the tea, I've been needing a little nap for the passed few days, which doesn't help me get to bed any earlier. It's really throw off my whole day.

Well, on to lunch. Lunch was a wonderful salad. I got a photo before I finished dressing it up. I used iceberg lettuce, spinach, tomato, red bell pepper, onion, corn, and black beans. I made a dressing out of light ranch, taco seasoning, and taco sauce.

I sprinkled on a little shredded cheddar...

...added my dressing and I was good to go. It must have been just what I was in the mood for because this salad really hit the spot.

Later for my afternoon snack. I had a nectarine with a cup of vanilla instant pudding. I like nectarines because I don't have to peel them, he,he. Of course this one was a little too ripe or something. I tried to wait until they got a little softer, but it just sort of got a little grainy, like it had been frozen. I sometimes get tomatoes that are like this, but only from the grocery store. I've never had a tomato from the garden that was grainy. It's the only way I know to describe it.

I was craving pizza for dinner. I had another Weight Watchers Smart Ones pizza. This one didn't turn out as well. I was slow getting my plate together and the pizza got cooler and toughened up a bit. I'll have to remember to get my salad together first and eat these pizzas while their warm.

For my salad I just had iceberg, spinach, shredded Parmesan and croƻtons with Caesar dressing and some fresh broccoli on the side.

This was a very feeling dinner. I had a stick of spearmint 5gum for dessert. It was my last one. I need to put it on my grocery list. I keep forgetting to get more. I feel like I met my quota for fruits and veggies for the day. I always feel better when I've eaten less bread or pasta, yet I crave it. I'm hoping I will do as well or better today. We'll see. What's on your menu? Happy Wednesday!!

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