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Saturday, August 13, 2011

How Sweet It Is

Looks like it's rained a little during the night. It's dark and overcast this morning. I've had to turn on the lights in the living room to see my laptop. I am hoping it clears off and is cool enough for a walk.

Yesterday I had a slice of apple cake from the freezer and a few slices of gala apple. I'm down to my last 2 and they are really pitiful looking, I even peeled them, which I don't normally do.

I thawed the cake and the apples where pretty good. I just sprinkled a little cinnamon over them.

After breakfast I was still not as energetic as I needed to be. I had 2 little tea bags of Mandarin Orange Green Tea steeped in a full cup of boiling hot water along with a couple of spoonfuls of honey.

For lunch I had a quesadilla with refried beans, taco seasoning, corn, sliced cheese, & mozzarella cheese along with some taco sauce.

I was out of cheddar cheese, so I had to improvise. I wasn't sure it would be so great, but it was very good, yummy even, almost as good as my spinach quesadilla.

We went back to Mom's to try and get their a/c working, but wound up installing a window unit until they get a new system installed. Mom fixed a quick dinner. I had salad with iceberg, red & yellow tomato and light buttermilk ranch. I also had kidney beans, Mexican rice and a veggie egg roll.

Lynda made a peach cobbler with fresh peaches. I got mine while it was still bubbly hot and topped it with vanilla ice cream. Yum!

After we got some curtains put up to separate the living room with the a/c from the other rooms. We installed window screens, so that they could open the windows and let in some fresh air. Luckily it had cooled off quite a bit outside, so once the cool air was drawn in, it should be cooler at least. Hopefully the week will past quickly for them. The nights are suppose to be pretty cool in the 60's and the days will be below 90, which isn't that good, but better than they have been lately.

I was able to get my photos uploaded and get in bed before 11pm. I even got in a little reading before bed. I didn't do too well at avoiding the carbs, but I did mostly stay on schedule and was able to get to bed early. How sweet is that? Happy Saturday!

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