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Friday, August 19, 2011

Broccoli Cheese Fries

This may be short and sweet, but with me you never know. I'm not feeling especially bloggy today. Is bloggy a word? Well maybe not, but I'd bet I'm not the first to use it. I've got the blah, blah blahs this morning. I'm hoping it will get better as the day goes on.

Yesterday's breakfast - peaches and a blueberry muffin with cream cheese. (I typed this 3 times. My brain is not functioning at all this morning.)

I'm eating out of the freezer this week.  Maybe that's what the problem is.

We went for another walk yesterday. It was 77 degrees, sunny and no breeze. We walked 3.34 miles according to Lucas' phone app. It was the same distance we walk every time, but it seems to come up slightly different each time. So much for phone apps. Our average speed was 16m 5s per mile, slower than last time, but we expected that. We were really sweating by the time we got back. Hot, hot, hot! After sitting down for a few minutes under the fan, I got up to get a shower, but first I grabbed a Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate with a little peanut butter.

Just a little something until I got out of the shower. I have to say it was the best shower I've had in a while. It was extremely nice after feeling so hot and sticky from our walk.

I just wanted to sit a little bit after my shower. Mom & Lynda came by shortly and dropped off some things for me and the girls (Lexi & Mary). Lindsay was bringing them over yesterday.

I had lunch after Mom & Lynda went on their way. I had an Amy's bowl, the tortilla casserole. I haven't had one in a while.

I found another recipe for another tortilla casserole. We tried one once and it wasn't all that great, but maybe the new one I found will be better.

Mom & Lynda also brought more cake. I also found some in the freezer.

Lindsay & the girls came late and stayed for a little while. They'd gone to have lunch with Reese. The girls played and I had fun with them. I just remembered, I'd fixed a cup of tea just before they got here, totally forgot to get the picture. It was also my cinnamon honey water for the day. My camera battery was sort of dead anyway. I had to charge it before getting photos of dinner.

Dinner was late. I was starved. It came in two parts. I fixed one of the quickest things I had. Part one was the popcorn shrimp, which got done slightly quicker in the toaster oven. I had a little barbecue sauce on the side. My cocktail sauce had seen better days, so I tossed it.

The second part of dinner was the fries, but not just any fries, broccoli cheese fries. Way better than chili cheese fries. The fries topped with steamed broccoli and cheddar cheese were what made the meal. I could have had them as the entire meal and never missed the shrimp. You really ought to try them.
I've gotta go now. Dick Van Dyke is on Rachael Ray. I'd planned to change the title, but still haven't thought of anything better so broccoli cheese fries it is. Happy Friday!!

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