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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Second Set Of Eyes

After a storm yesterday evening, the internet hasn't been working very well, either very slow or no connection at all. I was beginning to wonder if I be posting today. It finally seems to be back for the moment. Fingers crossed that it's fixed.

My Saturday breakfast was the other half of my gingerbread bagel with honey almond butter topped with dried cranberries. I had some mandarin orange sections on the side.

Feeling a little sluggish after breakfast, I fixed myself a cup of tea with honey. I'd had the last of my mandarin orange green tea the day before, but I'd picked up another flavor to try. This time I was drinking peach mango green tea. Although it's very good, I do think I prefer the mandarin orange. I'm not a fan of regular iced tea but I do believe I could drink these cold. I think my biggest problem is that regular tea is usually pretty sweet and I just like my tea barely sweetened with honey. I'm thinking of having a cup right now. :)

We went for out walk again yesterday. We walked 3.38 miles at a pace of 16m 27s per mile, a little slower pace than what we'd gotten a few days ago. The last couple of times we've gone it's been quite a bit hotter and no breeze. A later start yesterday didn't help. I soaked my chill-its bandanna, which helped. We also met up with a couple of friends who were passing by and stopped to say hello. Not knowing if the pause had effected our pace we sort of slowed down a little after stopping. Once we'd gotten back we realized that the app keeping our pace had allowed for the pause and it hadn't effected our average pace. Like. 

For lunch I had leftover mac & cheese with broccoli drizzled with some Worcestershire sauce.

I also sprinkled a little paprika over my mac & cheese. Yum!

After lunch I called to see if my second set of eyes(my new glasses) had ever arrived. It took a few moments to find out, but luckily they located them. I was worried because they'd already lost them once. It took a month to get the second set. They said they'd been shipped without a label, but they'd matched the prescription to mine finally while I waited on the phone. Shortly after finding out they were in, we drove to pick them up (before they could lose them again). I was very happy with my glasses , but not so happy with the service this time. They didn't even clean the lenses so that I would wear them right away. They got me out of there so fast, I didn't realize they were smudged, so I had to wait to get home to clean them.

I had my cinnamon honey water when I got back. Between the tea the CH water, earlier bedtime and regular exercise, I think my energy level has slightly increased. I still feel a little sluggish at times, but not head bobbin' sleepy.

I also had a piece of apple cake with my CH water.

Dinner was late. I got busy filling out a survey. It took a little longer than expected and I'd already fooled around too long on the internet as it was. I fixed my Amy's frozen vegetable(spinach) lasagna. I don't think I've tried this yet. Usually I've been disappointed by anything of Amy's that wasn't Mexican, but not her lasagna, either this was exceptional or I was very hungry. It smelled wonderful while it was cooking. I was hoping then that it would be a good as it smelled and I was not disappointed. It ranked right up there with Amy's Enchiladas.

Well the internet comes and goes; right now it's gone, but when it comes I'll get this posted if possible. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. BTW No Sunday dinner today either, but I will have the girls, so I've got to go, get a cup of tea, and baby proof the house. Happy Sunday!

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