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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dinner Canceled Due To Heartburn

I was sleeping good this morning when my alarm went off and although I got to bed by 11pm, I still wasn't anxious to get up. I took a few deep breaths and got up anyway. I do think the extra sleep did me good. I just need a few more days of it.

Yesterday I had a strawberry pineapple smoothie in a jar. I save salsa jars for storage containers. This one was the perfect size for my smoothie. They're also perfect storage for nuts, raisins, and mac & cheese. I love jars for food storage. You can see at a glance what you're looking for and you can get them for free from foods you already purchase. I like to save any wide mouth jars for storage etc. and I also save small jars. Plastic storage containers have become so expensive, why bother if you don't need to. Glass looks much nicer.

I had the rest of my sweet & sour vegetables for lunch. I was looking forward to it and I had lunch early because of it.

I love this dish and it goes so well with brown rice.

I had a cup of peach mango green tea with honey & cinnamon, just before Lindsay arrived with the girls. They were coming to stay with their Mimi for a little while.

The girls were a handful yesterday. I think both were in need of a nap. We still had a pretty good time. I fixed them both a late lunch and then made vanilla pudding for them. Lexi had chocolate pudding in her Kid Cuisine meal, but she still had a few bites of the vanilla. Mary really liked the vanilla pudding. I got a few blurred pictures of them. Taking pictures of people is not my thing. For some reason they almost never turn out good.

A little before the girls went home, I got a case of heartburn. It got worse as the evening went on. I took several antacids, but nothing seemed to help. I'm not sure what the problem was, but it lasted for hours. When the heartburn finally settled I still didn't want anything to eat, for fear of it coming back. I did give in and have a few baked potato chips before going to bed, but only a handful. The good thing was that I got to bed early. Hopefully the heartburn won't return today. Happy Saturday

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