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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trying To Make It All Work

Well today is off to another slow start, which really bugs me, because I was doing so well or at least I thought I was. I'm going to try to get back on track, but it may be a slow process, hopefully not too slow.

Yesterday started out pretty much the same. I had a fruit & yogurt cereal bowl with vanilla yogurt, cheerios, Special K cinnamon pecan flakes, a nectarine cut into chunks and pecans. It was yummy.

You can't see the yogurt, but it's under there somewhere. Oh yeah... and there's a little ground flax under there too.

My lunch photo reminds me of fish for some reason. I think because of the bread crumbs. It's not fish though, it's vegetable lasagna(Stouffer's)  with a big salad on the side.

My salad was a mixture of spinach and leftover salad from Sunday. I also added some tomato and onion. Sunday's salad was spring mix with shredded Parmesan and great big croƻtons. I topped it all with some Zesty Italian dressing.

Super lunch!

My dessert/afternoon snack was leftover cherry cobbler topped with a little vanilla yogurt. The yogurt went really well with it and was a great sub for ice cream or whipped topping.

We had our Zumba class on Monday this week. We've had our class days swapped around a lot lately, due to schedule work arounds, but I'm just glad we've been able to have them instead of cancellations. This week we were only able to have class one day, so, I'm hoping to make up for it with some walking this week. Lately that hasn't been working out either. We'll see how it goes. I could really feel it in my legs last night. I suppose because we haven't gotten to walk any in the last week.

Since my eating schedule has also changed. I've been eating dinner before Zumba and having a snack afterwards. Yesterday's dinner was leftover chili beans with cheese and a big slice of cornbread. I didn't eat until about an hour before Zumba. I was worried that it was a bad idea, afraid I'd be eating chili while I exercised, but that wasn't the case thankfully.

I did eat a slightly smaller amount of chili.

This was my after Zumba snack, a Millville GetBalance Chewy Granola Bar and some dry roasted almonds.

A great snack and just what I needed.

I was late getting my photos uploaded last night. Lindsay went to Zumba last night and the girls stayed with Dale & Lucas while we went, of course Mimi has to play with Lexi a little after Zumba. We wrote the alphabet, did a little yoga, & lifted weights among other things. You can understand my reason for being tired last night. After everyone left, did I get right to business? Of course not. As usually I had to fiddle around like I had nothing to do, which made for a late night. Procrastination is my biggest downfall and while I have made improvement, it continues to plague me.

Do you fill the need to squeeze too many things into a short amount of time and yet take your time doing them? That's me!

Happy Tuesday!!

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