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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Easy And Cheesy

This morning I'm checking out the hourly weather forecast on It's overcast here and we were hoping to go for a walk today since we missed our chance yesterday. Our best chance is from 9am to 2pm, so we'll just carry an umbrella, I guess and hope for the best.

Yesterday I had a dog eared bagel for breakfast. I topped an everything bagel with butter and a little cheese and put it in the toaster oven to broil while I cut up my last little apple. The apple had seen better days, only half of it was still worth eating. I peeled it and stuck it on the edge of my plate where it made what looked like little dog ears. Cute huh?

Somehow we managed to forget our walk yesterday morning and so we decided to wait and go in the evening once it cooled off, but by evening unexpected company and rain put a damper on our walk. We were hoping to go this morning, but it looks like the rain is still working against us. Hopefully we can slip a walk in somewhere. We may just have to walk a little faster.

For lunch I had another quesadilla with refried beans, taco seasoning, corn, mozzarella and sliced cheese with taco sauce drizzles over it.

I guess half of this and a salad would have been better, but it didn't cross my mind at the time.

After lunch I had a large cup of mandarin orange green tea with honey. I've been keeping my eating schedule as best I can. I've been getting to bed at a decent hour and getting some reading in as well. I slept like a rock for nearly 5 hours last night, which is amazing. I wasn't even sleepy this morning. I'm just hoping it continues or possibly even improves. I'm happy just getting a straight 5 hours sleep.

For my afternoon snack/dessert, I had a little of the peach cobbler I'd brought home, no ice cream, no yogurt, although it would have been nice.

It looks as though cheese is the theme for the day which according to the scales, I am paying for today. I had one little package of frozen mac & cheese with some steamed broccoli. I needed to use what was left of my fresh broccoli. Like the apple, it was looking rather puny.  A better option for dinner would have been to eat just half the macaroni and sub the other half with another vegetable or a salad. I really need to think about this before dinner, but dinner was sort of delayed and hunger played a role in what I ate.

It was an easy dinner and it was good, but I will try and do better today.

I also discovered a nice drink which is suppose to be a remedy to increase energy, which is a cup of warm water with honey & cinnamon. It's suppose to increase energy after drinking it once a day around 3pm for a week. I thought I'd give it a shot and see how it goes. If nothing else, it's a nice drink. It's 2 tsp. of honey to a cup of water with a sprinkle of cinnamon (the amount not specified). I used a full mug of water. Have you tried this? What's your cure for lack of energy? Honey seems to be a cure all for lots of ailments. BTW, no Sunday dinner again! Happy Sunday!


  1. Anonymous4:20 AM

    I'm like you. A lot of times when I eat a meal I know I should have halved it with something lighter, but I just tend to eat all the heavy food. And enjoy it, but feel guilty afterwards!

  2. That's definitely me, knowing what I should eat, but not always eating it. I tend to crave heavy foods, which makes it even harder. Thanks for the comment. I love getting them.