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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Feelin' Fruity

Getting up just a tad bit early this morning seems to have thrown me off my schedule, more time for me to get sidetracked, so I'll be working quickly.

Yesterday I decided to have a fruit & yogurt cereal bowl with vanilla yogurt, ground flax, Special K cinnamon pecan flakes, cheerios, strawberries and pecans.  

Scrumdillyicious I tell you.

For lunch I had a black bean pineapple quesadilla. I did it a little different this time. I just sprinkled everything onto the tortilla, plus a few extras. This one got a little spinach and tomato as well. I just sprinkled it with the taco seasoning. I don't think it got quite as much, but it was plenty tasty.

Just a little messy, but I always say, "The messier it is, the better it tastes."

Taco sauce on top is the best. Super yummy.

I had good food all day. Dessert was simple and delicious, just a cup of vanilla instant pudding and a nectarine.

Dinner was no exception. The fruit in this dish was just a little tomato, but whether or not you consider tomato a fruit, it was still good food. I didn't make the chili entirely, but I did make the cornbread.

For the chili, I just opened a can of chili beans, no meat of course. I added some tomato, red bell pepper and onion, plus a little water. The canned chili was just a little thicker than I prefer, hence the water. I cooked the tomato, pepper, and onion a little, then added the chili and water to the pot. I let it all simmer while I made the cornbread.

A little cheddar sprinkled on top, a slice of cornbread on the side, and I was good to go.

This wasn't my soft cornbread. This was my two egg cornbread, made according to the directions on the cornmeal mix, except using 2 eggs instead of one. I do use the same directions for mixing it up as I do for the soft cornbread though. It makes for a crispy crust which is the best part.

The End

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