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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Simply Shaken & Shakin'

Well it's a new day and the sun is shining. That's always a good start. Another good start for me is a banana pudding smoothie. I've thought about add-ins, but lately I've just wanted a plain BP smoothie, no peanut butter, no chocolate, no pineapple or coconut, not even a strawberry, just plain banana goodness. Sometimes simple is just better.

I tried the cold version of my peach mango green tea. I did a cold brew. I put the tea bag in a bottle of water in the frig for 12 hours or so and I shook it up with a little honey, but so far, I'm still not a fan. Cold tea is just not my thing. I may try a hot brew to cold to see if there's a difference. It did take a while before I could drink coffee. I tried it for years before I could actually drink a cup. The smell of it kept me coming back for more. I'm sort of drawn to tea that way, but not because of the smell, lol.

For lunch I had a red and orange shrimp salad. I can't do the little naked shrimp that come to mind when I hear the words "shrimp salad". If I'm going to eat them, they need some breading, even if it's just a thin layer. The ones on my salad are the cheaper frozen variety and have a thicker breading.

I cooked the shrimp in my toaster oven sprinkled with garlic & cayenne pepper. I made a salad of iceberg lettuce, tomato, red banana pepper, orange bell pepper, onion, carrot, and cheddar cheese, and topped it with the shrimp, along with some spicy ranch dressing.

Sometime after lunch I was sitting on the couch, when I felt the couch begin to shake. I looked around to see what was causing it. I'd put in a load of clothes earlier and at first thought it might be the washer out of balance, but then realized it had already finished, I then thought Dale must be on the roof doing something and didn't give it much thought after that. A little later, I ask if he'd been on the roof and he said no. I told him about the shaking couch and he said he never felt anything outside. Later when Lucas came home we were talking and he was telling us about the earthquake in Virginia. Then we saw on the news that even people here in North Carolina and in New York had felt it. I then realized that was what I had felt while sitting on the couch. Although the slight shake I felt yesterday didn't send me into a panic, I don't like earthquakes and I'm so glad I live on the east coast where they don't happen often. Did you feel the earth shake yesterday? Where were you?

I had a coconut creamsicle for snack yesterday. I don't remember if this was before or after the shake. I do remember that it was pretty good.

This well, this is dinner actually. I'd nearly forgotten about Zumba. Can you believe it? I like to eat a couple of hours before time for Zumba, so I needed something quick. Well, the only thing I had that was quick was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Spicy Doritos. It wasn't exactly what I was in the mood for, but it was something to keep me from starving. BTW I used grape jelly. I don't eat a lot of jelly, but for PB&J, I like grape the best. I do love my JalapeƱo jelly with cream cheese and crackers though. What's your favorite jelly?

We had a great night at Zumba. Shakin' this time intentionally. I'm still getting the hang of the new steps. We've been getting some new women, so I don't feel as bad about not getting the steps every time, some are more lost that me. As long as I don't watch anyone else or let my mind wonder, I'm good. It's not easy though. BTW the men we had for one night didn't come back, lol. 

My after Zumba snack was a gingerbread bagel and cream cheese.

Now, did you think I'd forgotten about the Mystery Muffin? Did you have any idea what type of muffin this is? I sure wish I could have gotten some guesses, but in case you are silently wondering and too afraid to comment. The mystery muffin was a coffee muffin and it was yummy. It was a nice surprise for me.
Happy Wednesday!!

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