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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mystery Muffin

I'm chilly this morning for some reason. It is down to 59 degrees this morning, but I don't suppose that's so cool. It didn't help that I had a cool breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, yesterday was another Banana Pudding smoothie. Just a few days without them, but I have really enjoyed having them again. I'm still disappointed when I get to the bottom of the glass. I probably couldn't hold any more, but I drink it so quickly, my brain doesn't know it yet.

I had a Weight Watchers Smart Ones Four Cheese Pizza for lunch. It cooks in the microwave. Well, you know how microwaved pizza can be.

Actually this one wasn't bad. I do have to say it's the best microwaved one I've had. It comes with a silver disk that the pizza sits on while cooking, which helps brown and crisp the bottom of the pizza. The down side is that the top never browns. It was one of the whitest pizzas I've ever eaten also.

I was worried that the bread would become tough and chewy, but this was not the case. It also tasted pretty good. I've actually had oven pizza that didn't taste as good. Do I prefer this to one fresh from the oven? Uh..NO, but for a quick one person meal, I would eat it again.

I also had some of my hummus with carrots.

Now for the Mystery Muffin which I found in my freezer. It wasn't labeled with what kind of muffin, so I defrosted it to find out.
Any guesses? Should I tell you now or make you wait? In hope of getting some comments, I think maybe I should wait. I will tell you this much, it was yummy and delicious and it was the kind I was hoping it would be. I don't have a prize for the right answer, but I hope to get to that point eventually.

I had a little snack mix about an hour or two before dinner. It was a sweet salty mix, more sweet than salty. I prefer it the other way around, but it served the purpose. Sometimes when mixes are just right, I add things to them to make them better. Unfortunately at the time I didn't think of it and I really didn't have anything to add anyway.

For dinner I had the last of the Stouffer's mac & cheese with a few add-ins. Yesterday's add-ins were petite diced tomatoes, red bell pepper, onion and taco seasoning.

This was good but I do love mac & cheese with just plain tomatoes, no other add-ins needed.
I really should have and would have loved to have had a salad with this, but I needed to finish it off to avoid tossing it. Lucas and I were the only ones to eat a party size pan. Dale refuses to eat anything, but the crap in the blue box. Hopefully I can work off some of it this evening at Zumba. I would have loved going for a walk this morning, but I don't think I'm up for both and I prefer Zumba. Come back tomorrow and I promise I will let you in on the flavor of the  Mystery Muffin. You can subscribe if you like, via email or rss. Follow me on Twitter also where I post a link to every new blog post. Don't forget to hit the StumbleUpon button if you like the blog. Thanks!! Happy Tuesday!

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