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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Raiding The Garden

Well let's look at the day, yesterday that is. Breakfast was just peachy, really, I had peaches. I had vanilla yogurt sprinkled with ground flax and Special K's cinnamon pecan flakes, then topped with canned peaches in lite syrup and more pecans. (There's not that many in the Special K. I also don't think it's all that cinnamon-y, but it's not bad. It is very crunchy.)

I'm betting the flakes would hold up pretty well in milk. The yogurt and peach juice didn't affect them much.

I was feeling a little sleepy after breakfast, so I had a cup of the Mandarin Orange Green Tea with honey. I added a little cinnamon to this cup. It was great.

After raiding the garden, I've been overcome with peppers, bell peppers and banana peppers. I had a salad made with iceberg lettuce, a variety of peppers and onion, topped with light ranch and a few imitation bacon bits along with half a baked potato, also topped with ranch and bacon bits plus a dab of butter.

It wasn't an easy task to get the peppers. As I was picking peppers, I looked up to find a large wasp nest hanging just above me at the top of the pepper plant. Luckily all the wasps were out and about. Now they are homeless. I cut the little limb which held it and tossed it quickly.

My afternoon snack was a mixture of cocoa, cinnamon, honey and almond butter spread over some saltine crackers; town house or grahams may have been better with this, but it was still very good.

Since raiding the garden brought a host of peppers, my dinner salad was also mostly peppers, but with a few onion slices, some thawed frozen peas, feta cheese and zesty Italian dressing. There was also one last tomato, which I stole from a large writing spider in the garden. I saw the wasps who were looking for their home and a small brown snake slipped into the high grass as I went through the gate. I hurried back to the house. I'd had just about enough of the garden adventure. Someone else may have to pick the rest of the peppers.

I wanted to go light with a salad before zumba.

Nice & colorful.

Zumba was awesome as usual. They didn't try to kill me this time. The last time my legs were sore and it seemed everything involved the legs. Yesterday it was all about the abs and arms. We have a few new songs which I haven't quite gotten the moves for yet, but hopefully I will overcome my menopausal brain. It just may take a little longer for me than most. It seems that just when I'm finally getting the hang of it, we move on to another routine.

My after Zumba snack was just some peanut butter pretzels, not exactly what I was in the mood for, but I'm getting low on snacks and this was the healthiest one I have.
I was a little late getting my photos uploaded last night, but cutting my reading a little short, I was still able to get in bed before 11pm. I also did have my cinnamon honey water at 3pm, but forgot to get a shot of it and nearly forgot to mention it. Three days and I'm not really seeing the energy yet, but I haven't had to nap either. Happy Tuesday!

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