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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Warm Day, A Cold Treat, And A Hot Movie

This morning I decided to change things up just a bit. I had a plain Dannon Greek yogurt with fruit, but instead of having it with cereal, I decided to go with a toasted trail mix bagel on the side.


What's in the bowl
Dannon Plain Greek Yogurt
Ground Flax
A Couple of Drops of Almond Extract
A Pinch of Raw Sugar
Mandarin Orange Slices
Toasted Sweetened Coconut
This was a lot better than my first cup of plain yogurt. I loved the almond extract this.

For lunch I had a spinach and cheese quesadilla. I used some shredded Mexican blend cheese, some shredded cheddar and a slice of American cheese seasoned with cumin, garlic, cilantro, and chipotle powder. This is my favorite homemade quesadilla.
A little taco sauce for dipping. 

We had a sunny warm day. By afternoon it was around 84 degrees. The warmest day so far this year. This called for something cool, an ice cream cone filled with Peach flavor nonfat frozen yogurt. Yummy!

I had brown rice and veggies for dinner, sort of stir fry style without any stir frying. I fixed brown rice in my steamer, steamed some frozen corn, frozen peas, fresh carrot and threw in some of my leftover green beans, then I added an egg, I scrambled in the microwave. A little salt & pepper, a little margarine, it was perfect.

Now while I was putting all this together, I was watching a movie. It was Play the Game with Andy Griffith. It was a pretty good movie. No real action in the movie, it was PG-13, just a lot of insinuation and a lot of laughs. I watched it on Netflix via instant watch with my Wii. Love Netflix.

I'm already thinking about breakfast for tomorrow. What are you going have?

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