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Monday, January 09, 2012

Full Of Energy

I was up on time this morning, even though I'd only had about 5 hours sleep. It was a rough start, but once I was up and moving, I was good to go. I even got my living room mopped & ran the dishwasher, which I'd forgotten lastnight,  before the girls arrived. This was also before breakfast or coffee. I had yogurt with the girls. Lexi had a Yoplait Black Forest Cake yogurt and Mary had their Harvest Peach flavor. I had a Chobani Blood Orange Greek yogurt. I have to say, the Blood Orange is almost as good as the Lemon, so I am giving it 5 stars. I would probably choose the Lemon over the orange, but would be just as happy with the orange.

It has sort of a pink tint to the yogurt and there is lots of light red pulp in the bottom. It had a slightly tart flavor, but not too sour. Yummy!

After things calmed down a little and we'd had our yogurt. I decided to have part of this huge pumpkin muffin. Lexi and I split the muffin and Mary and I shared my half. I also had a quarter of a piece of cheese toast which I'd fixed for Mary and Lexi had the rest. Mary decide she wasn't interested in the toast and brought me the jar of dry roasted peanuts so that I could give her some of them.

I also had a cup of half caf. coffee with my part of the muffin. Mary & Lexi had milk.

I fixed the girls some Mac & Cheese for lunch, but Mary fell asleep while I was fixing it. Lexi & I put a puzzle together while the macaroni cooked, then while she ate her Mac & Cheese, I fixed myself an Amy's bean & cheese burrito and some rice with spinach & onion.
I accidentally bought 2 bags of spinach in case you're wondering about all the spinach and I need to eat a bunch, so that is doesn't go to waste. Mary had her Mac & Cheese shortly after I finished my lunch. The dogs barked when Lindsay got back and woke Mary up, so her nap was short.

After Lindsay and the girls went home, I mopped the kitchen & dining room and unloaded my DW. I rewarded myself with the last of my tropical blizzard.

A little later, I also had a piece of garlic toast made from half of a whole wheat bun, which was really good and if I hadn't eaten the ice cream, I probably would have eaten the other piece.

For dinner I had a crab cake wrap. I shredded some iceberg and spinach, which I spread over a flour tortilla. I chopped up a crab cake and put it over the lettuce & spinach. I added green bell pepper and shredded cheddar, then drizzled GV Spicy Ranch dressing over it all.

It was shear luck that this rolled up as well as it did. I was surprised.

It even held together pretty good after I cut it into. It was really good. I also had the 3/4 of a navel orange which I'd cut up the other day, but didn't eat. It was really juicy.
I can't believe that I'm not the least bit sleepy yet. I figured I would fall out while the girls were here. I'm not sure if it's from the coffee or the B12, I've started taking. It was a pretty good day, despite the rain the had. Now I'm calling it a night so that I can get some sleep. Hopefully I will get sleepy after I read a little. Have a great night/day!!!

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