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Friday, January 27, 2012

Lunch At Panera's

I had a lot planned for today, but when I woke up the skies were gray and it looked so dreary. I wasn't really feeling the enthusiasm, I'd felt when I was making my plans. I'd fixed myself a bowl of cereal with yogurt. I used some Kellogg's fiber plus yogurt berry crunch, Cheerios, cornflakes & Dannon strawberry yogurt.

It would have been better with some real strawberries or even some apple chunks, but I'd eat my last apple with girls the other day and I need to restock my fruit supply. It was still pretty good.

After breakfast I got a call from Lynda & Mom inviting me for another GDO and of course, since I wasn't feeling too enthused with house cleaning, I said yes without giving it a thought. I probably should have stayed at home and not neglected my plans, but which would you have picked, cleaning or shopping?

I grabbed a pack of Lance crackers for a snack to tide me over until lunch. I had the sharp cheddar cheese on Lance's whole grain crackers. These were so much better than the store brand, we'd gotten at Food Lion before. Well, duh, right? The FL brand has a bit of a sweet taste to their crackers. They are fine in a pinch. It's not like they're bad, but they don't have the saltiness that the Lance brand has. That may be a good thing nutritionally. I haven't compared the labels, but either way, I prefer the Lance.

The first place we went was too Panera's to pick up bagels, then on to Starbucks which was right there in the same shopping center. I had a White Chocolate Mocha frappuccino. It was pretty sweet for me, but it was very good. I probably should have went with decaf, but I didn't. I did have half caf. however. We asked for light (no whip topping), but it was on there. Oh, well. 

We also went to Ollies and then back to Panera for lunch. I had half of a Mediterranean Veggie sandwich with zesty peppadew peppers and a bowl of their creamy tomato soup. I got an apple on the side instead of chips and a bottled water for my drink.

I love the sweet spiciness of the sandwich, which also has cilantro hummus and feta cheese on it. Stacked with lots of veggies, it's very much like a sandwich I would fix for myself. I saved my apple for later. The soup and sandwich were plenty. It was a super yummy lunch. I do wish they had a few more vegetarian options, but love that they tell you which soups are vegetarian.
Well headed to Walmart and picked up a few things, then home so that I could get to Zumba class. I had a Lean Cuisine dinner before going. It was small, quick to fix, and I wasn't all that hungry. I'd had this a long time ago. I'd nearly forgotten. I had sort of rated it. It was not bad, but not great. It just didn't have the flavor I had hoped for. I would give it 3 stars. 

It doesn't look nearly as good as it does on the package, but we all know that's not unusual for food products.
It would be kind of hard to sell with a picture like this on the package, huh? Actually it doesn't look that bad. I've seen worse. I just wish it tasted better.

I had a pretty good Zumba class as usual. I wasn't feeling terribly energetic, so I skipped the weights tonight. We barely made it home before the rain poured down. We had just gotten in the door when the bottom fell out. Since it was dark, we never even realized the rain was coming. 

I had the last piece of leftover carrot cake for my after Zumba snack. It wasn't the best thing to have, but since I hadn't frozen it and I didn't want it to go to waste, I ate it.

As badly as I hate it, I suppose I'm off to bed without reading. The end of my book(The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest) is getting very close. I hate that I'm so tired. You can see my Goodreads Updates on the right. I also post updates on Twitter. Feel free to follow or subscribe to the blog. Your comments are also welcome. I suppose that all for now. Have a great night/day!!!

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