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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Results Of Not Enough Sleep

This post is the result of not enough sleep. Not to mention foolishly wasting time. This morning I got up early even though I'd stayed up too late reading. I wanted to get some things done before the girls came today. I had coffee and an everything bagel with cream cheese for breakfast as I cleaned, but you are looking at a photo taken from days before, because apparently, I didn't take a photo of my breakfast and coffee. I never even thought about it until I uploaded my photos and there was none from breakfast. I could have sworn I'd taken one, but I suppose I didn't. It would have looked just like this anyway.

After my coffee and a slight jolt to my brain with caffeine, I had sense enough to get a shot of the small piece of cake I had, which was previously sliced off a larger piece.

I had another cup of coffee with my cake. I figured a bit of sugar with my coffee would give me the extra boost I needed.

 I didn't get lunch until later after the girls had been here for a while. They'd gotten lunch with their Daddy before they got here. I heated the last of the leftover veggie pizza. It was pretty sorry by now. One of two days is fine, but that's about it for leftover pizza. After that is starts getting more like frozen pizza or maybe worse.

The girls and I did share a Granny Smith apple. Mary seems to like the sour apples better than the sweet. Lexi will eat either.

I had a sandwich for dinner. It was simple, but maybe not the best thing for my stomach. I think all the sugar I've had lately has sort of upset it. I had to wait until my stomach settled before eating and I've had heartburn and indigestion for several days. Yet and still I went with a spicy sandwich of spinach, yellow pepper, red onion, cucumber, hickory smoked tofurky, spicy ranch and red pepper flakes on toasted white bread.

I also had onion rings with more spicy ranch on the side. The sandwich was good, but it didn't take long for the heartburn to return. The coffee I've been drinking probably has helped either.
I've spent way too much time on the internet this evening, not doing anything pertaining to what I should have been doing until it was late. Now I am exhausted. I am so tire I ache. I will not be doing any reading before bed tonight and I will be sleeping in tomorrow. I am a glutton for punishment. I may never learn. Have a great night/day!!

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