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Monday, January 09, 2012

Not Eating Right

This morning I was feeling rather lazy. I wasn't sore from working on Mom's well, like I thought I'd be, but I just didn't have any zip. I got up and DH had coffee made, so I fixed myself a big cup, then he tells me it's regular coffee instead of my usual 1/2 caf. I drank it anyway.
I also had a peanut butter filled doughnut with my coffee. 
It was way too sweet, even with the coffee, so I spread some peanut butter on it to tone it down a little. I was beginning to feel the caffeine about 1/2 way through the cup, not to mention the sugar rush from the doughnut. Between the coffee and the doughnut, I was feeling pretty sick afterwards.
I started off the day by not eating right. I should have had something with a lot less sugar or none at all. Then we went out to run some errands. We were gone for a while and I was starved when we got home. Lunch time had passed hours earlier. I was feeling sort of sick again. I grabbed a Chobani Apple Cinnamon Greek yogurt to tide me over while I fixed something to eat. At least yogurt is a pretty healthy food and Greek yogurt usually has less sugar and more protein than regular yogurt. I've also been skipping meals lately, which is a no-no.

I had never tried the Apple Cinnamon flavor before. The apple and the yogurt together give it a slightly tart taste. It was very good. I like that the apple bits aren't mushy. They aren't quite like a fresh apple, but they aren't like a cooked apple either. This is a sort of fruit on the bottom type yogurt, but once you give it a stir it's blended and tastes delicious. I give the apple cinnamon flavor 4 stars. I found some blood orange flavored Chobani at BI-LO while we were out. I also picked up a couple more Lemon flavored as well. For now the lemon is my favorite unless the blood orange turns out to be as good or better than the lemon.

I got some Pumpernickel bread too. I got this at the Walmart Deli. They were out of the pre-sliced loaves or the hoagie buns, which I prefer. I do like that their breads are soft. Sometimes you get pumpernickel and it feels really firm, sort of tough even. I love the taste of pumpernickel. It has kind of a nutty flavored when you toast or grill it. It's one of the few breads I can eat by itself.

While I ate my yogurt I got everything together to make a sandwich. I used some of the oven roasted tofurky, white American cheese, spinach, onion, dill pickles, and light ranch dressing on a couple of slices of the pumpernickel, which I toasted.

It was several minutes into the sandwich before the sick feeling of having gone too long before eating, went away. It was a really good sandwich though.

Lunch was late, dinner was late, and I am late getting to bed. I have an early day tomorrow too, so I had better wrap this up quickly. 

I had a crab cake that Lucas made yesterday using imitation crab meat and some leftover rice with onion and chopped spinach for dinner.

Spinach & rice is one of my favorite combos, even better when there's a little chopped tomato thrown in.

I bet you thought I was done with eating junk food...well, for the day anyway, but you were wrong. If it's in the house it's fair game. As you can see I have little self control, but I do have a little. I didn't eat but about 2/3's of this tropical blizzard from Dairy Queen.
I'd only intended to eat half, but I was distracted trying to eat and sort photos at the same time. I've been doing better about getting more sleep lately, but that's all gone out the window tonight. I may have to resort to the high octane coffee again, to get me through the day tomorrow. Have a great night/day!!! 

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