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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting Crafty

This morning I got up fairly early. I think I slept pretty good. I can't remember if I actually got up or just dreamed I did, so I'm assuming I dreamt it. Dreamed or dreamt, which is it?

Anyway, I felt pretty ambitious when I got up. I did some cleaning, threw in a load of clothes, which I forgot to start, lol, and will do that shortly,  got a shower, and had some lunch, all before the girls arrived. 

Lindsay asked Lexi what she wanted for breakfast this morning and Lexi told her she would wait and eat at Mimi's. I thought that was funny, lol. She might have been disappointed to find that all I had was a cup of yogurt, oh and I did have 2 cups of coffee, which I somehow totally forgot to get a photo of. I didn't even think about it until just now, probably because I didn't eat enough for breakfast, but that is one of the side effects of drinking coffee, suppressed appetite.

After rushing around trying to get as much done as possible, I slowed down long enough to get a bite to eat, even eating felt rushed. I had an Amy's Black Bean Enchilada dinner with beans and rice.

I literally took the last bite as the girls came through the door. It's so much easier, if I get my food out of the way before they get here. I usually don't take as much time for my food when they are here.

I mostly chase after Mary and try to keep them both happy. Lexi and I usually have our time when Mary takes a nap. Today we did crafts. I'm not sure what this is suppose to be, but Lexi enjoyed gluing lots of different things to paper. She also strung beads onto pipe cleaners for bracelets. Sorry, no shot of those.

Mary was still napping when Lindsay got back. Lindsay gave Lexi a bath while she was here while Mary slept and I had a piece of garlic toast.

I also fixed myself some cucumber slices and Garlic Caesar dressing as Lexi was getting out of the tub. She decided she wanted to try some of my snack, which she liked and wanted a plate of her own.

While fixing her plate she also decided to have some celery and broccoli. The broccoli disappeared before the photo was taken. She also went with Ranch dressing for dipping instead of Caesar.

I refilled my plate with more veggies and for inspiration Lexi and I watch a video of a wood chipper in action as we ate our little trees.

After our green snack and Mary had woke up, the three of us shared DH's cheesecake blizzard. Ya, snooze ya, lose in this house, when it comes to sweets. The girls had cones with their ice cream. I made sure to sugar them up good before sending them home, right? Oh well, that's what Mimi is for.

After everyone went home and as if I hadn't had enough, I had a bowl of spaghetti noodles with butter, parmesan, salt and black pepper. All my snacking put together was sort of like dinner anyway, so that was it.
The sad part is that I've still been thinking about food since, but I haven't had a thing. I've also been thinking about the only 3 pair of jeans I have that still fit and the 5 or 6  others that hang in my closet laughing at me. I wish I'd been thinking of that while eating that blizzard. I'll try to do better tomorrow. Have a great night/day!!!

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