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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Great Value Chili Beans And Seasoned Deli Style Potato Wedges

This morning I was changing things up a little. Instead of another everything bagel, I had a peanut butter and banana smoothie. No matter how many of these I have, I'm always disappointed when I get to the bottom of the glass. 

For lunch I tried some GV chili beans. They were pretty good. I did add just a little water to make them a bit soupier. I had them in a bowl topped with a little chopped onion, some shredded spinach, and a well done, fried egg.

I wasn't sure whether I should eat with a spoon or a fork. Fortunately the spoon worked out just fine. The heat from the chili and the fried egg sort of cooked the spinach down, which is what I had intended for it.

Some might think this is a strange dish, but it was actually very good. I love coming up the things you don't get everyday. This would probably be good with some cheese and salsa as well, but I was sort of avoiding the cheese. I gave the chili beans 3 stars. I liked them, nothing special about them though, just beans in a chili flavored sauce. I would buy them again. They are great for a quick meal.

For my afternoon snack I had another of Lucas' pecan delights. He hasn't been eating them because of a bad tooth. The turtle cookies he made doesn't seem to bother him much though.

I had a headache for some reason today. I assumed it was lack of caffeine. I also avoided caffeine today. I've been having too much lately. I took a nap to help get rid of the headache. That worked pretty well. I had an orange when I got up. I've really been wanting another pomelo, but I haven't been back to the grocery store where we got the last one. The Walmart here doesn't have them. They hardly have anything any more. I always forget about stopping by the store were we got the pomelo. The oranges are a pretty good substitute though.

I really overdid it at dinner time. I had a huge burger with seasoned deli style potato wedges, a MSF grillers prime veggie burger with spinach, red onion, white American cheese, pickles, and Mesquite BBQ sauce on a Kaiser roll.

The potato wedges  were also GV brand. They were very good. I gave them 5 stars. They were so good, I ate too many. As badly as I wanted to, I wasn't able to eat them all though. I was miserably full afterwards.

I finally got my Wardrobe moved into the living room. DH brought in from the bedroom this evening. I still have a little to do before I get things straightened out, but it's getting there. Now I'm off to bed. Have a great night/day!!!

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